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What is our process called phase 2?

By January 29, 2023Information

Phase 2 was a procedure we developed as key F1 Savannah dog
breeders where take added actions to ensure our F1 Savannah
felines are appropriate as family pets. During Stage 2, which begins
around 10-12 weeks old, the kitties are moved to a second
residence with a brand-new caretaker. A lot of them are scared,
which can lead to negative habits that might frighten a possible
proprietor. To help them adjust to a new house, dog breeders use
strategies to obtain the kitties utilized by their new caretaker.
Afterward, they are examined by somebody else in the home to
guarantee they are ready to be family pets.
Exactly how do we increase our savannah felines? Savannah
felines can hit it off with pets when given the right introduction and
also socialization. Our kitties are elevated in our home around our
youngsters and also are given the chance to socialize with our
family members’ dogs. We advise that when introducing a Savannah
feline to a pet, you do so gradually, as Savannah pet cats can be a
bit unconcerned. With appropriate socialization and also bonding, a

Savannah feline and a pet can end up being great friends. We are
strictly against “cage reproduction”; we enjoy every one of our
animals and work vigilantly to spoil them to ensure they are as
delighted as they can possibly be.
What do we stand for?
We highly oppose the inhumane therapy of savannah cats. Several
cat breeders use these animals as a way to generate income,
restricting them to tiny cages and also rejecting them a meeting life.
On top of that, most of the the internet websites that use
savannah felines are rip-offs, leaving possible purchasers with the
incorrect expectations. Just a small fraction of breeders are truly
committed to giving top-quality care for their animals, and also then,
the kittens might not reach the anticipated standards as a result of
tension and also the absence of correct treatment from their owners.
Our team believes that all pets ought to be treated with love and
regard, and also we condemn any kind of animal misuse. We are
active in the neighborhood to condemn and function alongside
government firms to shut down these catteries; if you listen to
anything adverse concerning us, is probably from a cattery we are
trying to close down for animal misuse.

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