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Your Savannah Cat is an important part of your family. Or that cute kitten you just brought home is about to be. You want a healthy, happy, and fun feline running around at all times. To ensure just that, you need to pay attention to the diet of your furry friend.

Don’t worry! If you’re ready to learn about Savannah Cat nutrition, we’ve got you covered. Just read below.

Feeding Kittens

savannah kitten nutrition

Photo by Will Wade

First and foremost, feeding a grown Savannah requires a different approach than feeding a young kitten. When you have a Savannah kitten, you need to pay attention to age.

At 0-8 weeks old, Savannah kittens need to be fed a diet of raw, ground chicken. This should be supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Once your furry friend begins consuming the raw chicken with ease, you can move on to a wet cat food, usually a chicken-based formula. Mix in the wet cat food with the chicken until the adjustment period is over.

From 9-12 weeks, you’ll want to ween your kitten completely off raw chicken and onto a wet cat food. You can offer a few dry cat food kibbles at this point, but most kittens will only nibble at dry food during this stage of development.


Full-Grown Savannah Cat Diet

Once you have a full-grown savannah on your hands, you can adjust the diet. Many cat owners will prefer to switch to a dry cat food over time. This is perfectly fine and can be healthy for your feline. However, the type of dry cat food you purchase makes a huge difference in your Savannah’s health.

To learn more about the ideal dry cat food for your Savannah Cat, continue reading below.

savannah cat nutrition

Photo by Aussie Gold

4 Tips For Feeding Your Savannah

  • Dry Food For Sure: While some owners of grown savannahs feed their felines a raw food diet, this presents challenges. Feeding your furry friend a high-quality dry cat food is often an excellent trade off between time invested and ideal nutrition for your cat.
  • Meat-Based: It’s essential that the primary ingredients in your Savannah cat’s dry food are meat-based. Chicken is preferable, although chicken meal isn’t the absolute best ingredient. Duck-based recipes are also incredibly healthy for you feline.
  • Pay Attention to Potatoes: Dry cat food often incorporate potatoes and sweet potatoes in their formulas to help keep kibble form and offer added fiber. You won’t want a recipe with these ingredients in the top-5, but they are beneficial in some capacity for the health of your feline.
  • Avoid Certain Ingredients: Dry cat food that offers low-quality carbs can dehydrate your cat and cause a lot of health issues over the long run. Avoid feeding your Savannah Cat food that features too much rice, corn, and wheat. While these recipes are often cheaper, they’ll cost your cat years off their life.


By following the advice and tips above, you’ll be sure to keep your pet’s diet ideal. In doing so, you’ll keep that furry friend of yours healthy and happy as long as possible!

For reviews on the various types of cat food, be sure to check out’s article on the best cat food (not specific to Savannahs).

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  • John says:

    We just adopted a 2 year old savannah. Trying to find the best food for Simba.

  • Ann says:

    I have a F5 male Savannah kitten that is 10 months old and we rescued him as a stray.Is it okay to feed him raw meat when he turns a year old ? He will also take heart worm prevention so we won’t get worms.

  • Denise says:

    Is it OK to give them raw goats milk I am concerned because my husband feeds it to her daily

  • Kathy says:

    Thanks for this information
    How often should I feed my f5 Savannah and how much

  • Can u recommend a brand of cat food and when does a savannah kitten become a cat ?

  • Damon says:

    This information is partially incorrect.

    Dry food only offers between 5-15% worth of water. Due to the heritage of the Savannah, natural kills would contain 65-75% water.

    Wet cat food offers around 60-70% worth of water, wet food is a better food for cats, especially the Savannah, being derived from a wild cat. For a more complete domestic cat, you can offer dry food also, but wet is mandatory to sustain a healthy cat.

    Grain free, free from any additives. Preferably from a single protein source and contains no derivatives.

  • Jessica says:

    Thank you for you supportive article. I have a 5mo old savannah wNt hi. HeLthy and happy as long as possible:)

  • Joanie says:

    Great site

  • Nicki says:

    awesome! you helped me with a bit of cat research

  • I have 3 Savannah cats two males brothers age 3, and Lynn the 2 year old female. They are extremely happy high energy cats, and we want to keep them that way. All of them are high end F-6.they love the dry high protein scientific diet. However we just don’t really know what’s the best WET foods for our children. Will you please help us out on this.

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