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Savannah Facts

savannah cat training

How to Walk Your Savannah Cat on a Leash

By Savannah Facts
Savannah cat full body

Photo by Aussie Gold

Some have called the Savannah Cat a “dog in a cat’s body” while observing how these animals move and interact. Savannahs are not your ordinary, everyday couch potato-type of cat. These frisky felines love to move, groove, and be around people. It’s in their nature.

As such, many of the things that dogs like Savannah Cats like, too. These furballs love to play fetch, follow their owners around the house, go on walks, and even play in water. Yes! A Savannah may play in the bath – something a regular house cat would never dream of.

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savannah cat lifespan

How Long is the Savannah Cat Lifespan?

By Savannah Facts

A common question that we hear is “how long is the Savannah Cat lifespan?” With the breed being relatively new there isn’t a ton of data out there on the subject of how long they live. In this article we will quickly examine the life span of the domestic cat, the Serval and our findings on how long Savannah Cats usually live. Read More

Area Savannah Cats Hypoallergenic? We think not!

Are Savannah Cats Hypoallergenic?

By Savannah Facts

When Deciding What Pet To Bring Into Your Home, Whether Or Not They Are Hypoallergenic Can Play A Huge Role

Anyone with asthma or allergies can understand that when deciding what pet to bring home, you always have to consider how they may affect your breathing or your allergies. One of the most frequently asked questions we see regarding these cats is: “Are Savannah Cats Hypoallergenic?” In this article we will take a look at what the other experts and breeders have to say on this subject, as well as give our opinion on this heated debate. Read More

10 ways savannah cats make us healthier

10 Ways Savannah Cats Make Us Healthier

By Savannah Facts
There are tons of ways that your Savannah Cat can make you a healthier, happier person. From reducing your blood pressure to helping with allergies. Here are 10 perks of owning a Savannah Cat. We have a ton of detail and scientific explanation below, but we also wanted to package it into an infographic for fun! Take a look at both below. Also, you are welcome to share this infographic on your blog or website — we have the code ready for you below (just copy and paste). Read More

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